OpenStack Havana is out !

Since yesterday 2013.10.17 the 8th release of OpenStack called Havana, is out ! This new release is considered by the Fondation as a major release for OpenStack future. With many many many new features (400) OpenStack is on the road to company adoption !

Some new features are :

  • Ceilometer : metering for OpenStack, to get used ressources in real time. So company can edit a bill for their customers on the principle of 'You pay as you go' .
  • Heat : OpenStack builtin Orchestration to auto scale out with auto scaling groups for examples.
  • LBaaS : Load Balancing as a Service : to get HA inside your OpenStack infrastructure.

You want more informations about OpenStack Havana ?

Go to :

Enjoy this great 8th release : Havana !

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